Convergence Maslow which have Maslow’s Steps out-of Demands

Positive Outcomes

The newest graph less than describes the ‘basic psychosocial virtues’ – and you can related characteristics – which originate from successfully passing as a consequence of for each drama. Erikson described achievement as the good ‘favourable ratio’ (among them extremes) at each drama stage.

A little while perplexing, nevertheless the main point would be the fact centered on that which was observed each phase he known one clear first advantage plus one secondary virtue. Out of this, he was in a position to (and in addition we is too – he advised individuals exercise) extrapolate almost every other related importance.

Because an aside, you can find tall parallels amongst the increases effects of this new Erikson psychosocial model while the gains areas of Maslow’s Ladder away from Needs.

Letter.B. We are really not indicating an immediate fit between Erikson’s and you will Maslow’s patterns. Rather, this only leaves the 2 perspectives near to each other showing exactly how equivalent points you certainly will inter-associate. Legal on your own.

We would additionally use this new Erikson design to simply help define just what takes place in Maslow’s principle when a certain trauma sweeps out a element of someone’s life (perhaps due to redundancy, divorce, societal difference, bankruptcy proceeding, homelessness), which causes the individual to help you revisit certain demands and interior problems (crises) that happen to be just after found prior to however they are not fulfilled. Centered on both Erikson’s and Maslow’s concepts, anyone can are revisiting and achieving to resolve needs (or crisis ideas otherwise enjoy) regarding prior to ages.

Negative Outcomes

Afterwards Erikson create crisper suggestions and you will terminology – notably ‘Maladaptations’ and you will ‘Malignancies’ – so you can portray this new negative consequences as a result of an enthusiastic unhelpful sense thanks to each one of the crisis stages.

Within the harsh modern terms and conditions, these types of negative effects might be described as ‘baggage’, which regardless if a little unscientific, is largely a highly suitable metaphor as the individuals tend to hold together compliment of existence this new psychological negative effects of prior to now unhelpful enjoy. Psychoanalysis, this healing technology of which Erikson contacted these issues, try an effective way to let anyone know where luggage showed up out-of, and you can thereby assist the procedure for throwing it.

To some degree these bad consequences may occur off repeated or revisiting an urgent situation, or even more rationally more regions of an urgent situation due to the fact we cannot actually regress to help you a young years, rather, we review brand new event and emotions from the prior to life.

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